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Make EASY-PEASY Commissions Promoting Patent-pending Viral Image Sharing Technology That Magically Turns Ordinary Blogs Into a Social Traffic Magnet, Generating Viral Traffic Legally by Leveraging Other's RED-HOT Social Media Timelines



MARCH 2019

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- meet your - Launch Partners

Naveed Peerzade

Naveed Peerzade

- The Innovator

Hey... Nice to meet you. 👋

Well, I began dabbling in internet marketing in 2003 and have been full time since 2005. I've been known as the FunnelGuru and the LaunchGuy.

I was fortunate to work closely with some of the biggest names and who's who in internet marketing, to name a few: Russell Brunson, Eric Holmlund, Even Chia, Todd Lamb, Adam Steer and some of top CB Players, many of whom have repeatedly sought my developement, user experience, launch strategy & marketing advice which played a big role in their six and seven-figure launches. My work was praised by Jon Benson who's knows as the "Godfather of VSL".

I have multiple six figure launches of my own products. One of my membership site even generated over 1.2Million Dollars since its launch.

I am in my 40s, happily married to my lovely wife and blessed with two amazing sons who are hands full.

Welcome to my world :)

why you mustpromote?

Brand-New technology

“Brand new” is the most over used term in today’s internet marketing launches, it’s very rare to find a product than can truly be described as ‘revolutionary’.

We see products that are cheap replicas of popular products, being called path-breaking.

Viral image sharer can confidently claim this term “brand new technology” as we have already filed for the patent.

Viral Image Sharer turns all the images on your blog into a viral traffic machine solving biggest problem bloggers are facing.

Great Market-Fit Product

A successful launch is all about right product, right niche and the right timing. Blogging (Wordpress based) niche is one of the hottest market with over 1.3 Billion downlods as of February 2019!

It’s established fact that Images are shared 3X more on Social Media than any other content type. Around 3.2 billion images are shared each day

Viral Image Sharer is a super smart image sharing technology that helps bloggers, newbies and even seasoned get their content go viral without breaking the law. There's nothing in the market that comes close to what ViraImageSharer does (not even a SUMO) .

Awesome, Done-for-you Bonuses

We all know that offering a bonus to your subscribers can help you make more sales (did I say more money! 😊). But it can be a pain to put together targeted bonuses to compliment the offer, and then create an effective bonus page. So, we went ahead and did that for you!!

We have created a ready-made bonus page and a 4-figure Super engaging Explainer Video for you with very compelling bonuses that you can offer to your subscribers.

Proven record - 6 figure launches

Naveed and Sam have individually launched many successful projects in the past.

Their launches have been very well received and appreciated in the Internet marketing world and have grossed 6 figures with the proven launch model.

Transparent, Realtime Leaderboard

We believe that JV contests should be fair, transparent and done with an Integrity hence we will be using yet another masterpiece by Naveed. This is integrated with all the above payment platforms to show you exactly where you stand in the affiliate contest at all times

We have a confession to make:
it can get very addictive! 😉

- a well-craftedSimple Yet Powerful Sales Funnel - 50% commissions on entire funnel - max buyer value: $160

We do not believe throwing up unneccsary products just for the sake for upsells, torturing buyers go thru multiple hoops just to get their purchase.

We believe a well crafted funnel is the one that help customer get the right and related product to suite their needs that automatically increases upsell conversions and $$$ per sale.


Super smart image sharing technology to make
your content go viral with a few clicks of your mouse.

Viral Image Sharer Product Shot
  • Post looks much more professional than other sharing plugins on social media.
  • You choose which images you want to allow to be shared
  • You have total control over the image, title and the content you want to be shown
  • This maximizes your opportunity for shares and engagement... as well as FREE traffic and sales!
  • Know your visitors better so you know exactly what they want and need
  • Increase your traffic with advanced features designed to get you more shares!
  • Stand out from your competition with even more eye-catching icons
  • Explode affiliate commissions and sales on complete autopilot with stealth cloaking technology

You now have total control over how your content gets shared on social media...Without looking spammy... and without begging your visitor to share your post by placing share buttons all over your blog posts.

Viral Image sharer allows social sharing of the images you wish to get shared...PLUS you also have total control of the title and the content you want to be shown along with the chosen image.

This gives you the perfect opportunity to make every share bring you the maximum possible traffic, sales, profits and success.

- the age of visuals

‘A Picture Is Worth A Thousand Words...’

And when it comes to social media...

Images capture attention, get more engagement, increase social ranking... And help you attract an army of new followers, customers and fans

Check out the Numbers... They tell the real story:

- social posts with images get

  • 82%More Likes
  • 56%More Shares
  • 89%More Retweets
  • 23%More Favourites
  • 12%More Pins

- how it helpsgo viral?

Albert Einstein called compounding “The eighth wonder of the world” and it’s easy to see why.

Because the simple act of compounding, which multiplies and then multiplies again, knocks your numbers out of the park. And that’s the dramatic results you will enjoy when you use Viral Image Sharer...

When You Share

When Your Visitor Shares

- increase inSEO rankingand social signals

Better Social Signals = Better Search Engine Rankings = More Traffic And More Money In Your Pocket!

- convert visitors to followers

With our clever ‘post-share’ technology, you can demand an action from your visitor. You can turn visitors into followers, build your list, offer your product/service or promote as an affiliate, send them to watch your video....the possibilities are endless.

How cool is that?!

- stealth affiliate link cloaker

This powerful feature gives you total control of what happens when someone “clicks” your image on social media timelines.

Imagine... your affiliate link shared by 1000s of social media users and viewed and clicked by their followers...

This so powerful...

That this feature alone will quickly add to your bottom line.

The Affiliate Link Cloaker built into the “Pro” version of Viral Image Sharer allows you to link any image to any URL that you choose. This could be:

  • Affiliate offer you’re promoting
  • CPA offer
  • Opt-in page
  • News site
  • Ecommerce offer
  • Youtube Video
  • Turn them into facebook bot subscriber
  • Add them to your evergreen funnel/webinar

You can either link directly to the URL of your choice or simply show the webpage in an iframe that permits embedding on remote sites.

- true mobile- experience

Tap To Share™ - Get Shares From Mobile Devices

More than 50% of your visitors are using mobile devices, however, mobile devices do not have a hover feature. This means they will never see the social sharing icons on your images.

Problem solved! :)

'Aha!'- moment

Get Numbers you can't anywhere else...

Viral Image Sharer has its own proprietory technology that gives you realtime and near accurate analytics including shares.

Without using any API or Scraping and without breaking any TOS.... This means you get clicks and shares for all the integrated social media networks even those who have stopped providing share counts or never had one... such as twitter, linkedin etc..

- how is itdifferent?

When we say it's brand-new and innovative technology, we mean it...

There's nothing in the market that comes close to what ViraImageSharer does (not even a SUMO) .

Ok... Let me help you with the clear comparision.

Other Plugins
Major Social Networks Limited Limited
Precise Image Sharing Limited
Precise Positioning Limited
Various Icons Styles Limited Limited Limited
Custom Image Meta Limited
Comply With Social
Network Terms?
Yes 100%
Post-Share CTA
Tap-to-share for mobile
In-depth Analytics Limited
Image URL Masking
Share Counts for all networks Limited and inaccurate Limited and inaccurate
Visitor's social media account
authorization NOT required
No API / Scraping Limited Limited
GDPR Compliant no info no info
Support VIP Support Regular Regular Regular

It’s Clear Why Viral Image Sharer Is
The Best Social Image Sharing Plugin

- watch it inaction=

And see how easily it can help your subscribers get more shares, more followers and more traffic!

- marketing vault

Email Swipes

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Graphics and Banners

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- do we reciprocate?

- hell yeah!... and very hard

Enter your details below and become a part of our JV Inner Circle to: Participate in the JV contest, Leaderboard rank updates, SURPRISE prize announcements, get exclusive DFY bonuses and much more!

Got Questions?

If you have any questions, comments or suggestions about the launch, please get in touch via skype, FB or email and we'll get back to you asap!

Naveed Peerzade



RULES- let's keep it simple

Read carefully before joining this program. You agree that you are NOT allowed to do the following things if approved for the affiliate program. By doing any of the following, you will be terminated from the program and agree that any commissions will be forfeited without recourse

  1. Contest Policies: To be eligible to win one of the sales leaderboard prizes, you must have made commissions equal to or greater than the value of the prize. If this criteria is not met, then your prize money will equal your commissions.
  2. No self-buy using your own referral/affiliate link. We monitor for this practice and we reserve the right to cancel your account and any commissions will be marked null and void.
  3. Do not use any blackhat methods such as cookie stuffing or other methods of link hijacking.
  4. You may not use any negative marketing to promote this program. You may not use the word scam in your promotion in any way, shape or form.
  5. Do NOT send Spam of any kind, cheap traffic or paid signup methods such as but not limited to Traffic Monsoon, Ad Fly, Fiverr.
  6. Use only permission based email marketing. Do not use scraped list or people who have not opted to be on your list. You may use Social media sites mentioned on this as well (again no spam here).
  7. Violation of intellectual property rights. Viralimagesharer reserves the right to require license agreements from those who wish to employ trademarks, content, images, concepts of Viralimagesharer from this page or viralimagesharer site in order to protect our intellectual property rights.
  8. Failure to disclose the affiliate relationship for any promotion that qualifies as an endorsement under existing Federal Trade Commission guidelines and regulations, or any applicable state laws.
  9. Offering rebates, coupons, or other form of promised kick-backs from your affiliate commission as an incentive is not allowed. Adding bonuses or bundling other products for promoting viralimagesharer, however, is acceptable.
  10. You cannot use our sales video in any way. For example you cannot rip our sales video and upload any part of it to Youtube or other site. You CAN make your own review video, or use our product “demo” video and explainer video from the bonus page, but not the sales video.
  11. Affiliate Teams: Team with up to 2 affiliates are allowed for the main contest, however you will need to contact us before the launch.
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